Breeding call of a male has one or several triplets, often preceded by one introductive vibrato.
Triplet reaches 80 decibels and can be heared until one kilometer.
The male uses only vibratos, for short distance, to call female, when visual contact is loosed.
In the field, birdwatcher could detect quail only by its call.

Sonogram of male call (vibrato + triplet)

Weak female call is rarely heared. More, one female for three male is counted, in France.

Sonogram of female call

Very young quails use call when they are separated from their mother, only

Sonogram of chick call


Some records
A good ear could distinguish adult individuals, because each bird has a particular call.


To listen to a call, click on its title and wait a few seconds
If necessary do a second reading for a listening at correct speed  

Male Breeding call of an individual in sexual development
Breeding call of mature individuals male 1 (slow)
male 2 (normal)
male 3 (fast)

Female Call (of breeding) female 1
female 2

Young Call young of 3 days

Records : Anne PICZON DU SEL - BRULÉ, J.C. GUYOMARC'H, Patrick MUR
Sonograms : Anne PICZON DU SEL - BRULÉ


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European quail - Patrick MUR